Wine Country Payroll offers personalized service, same day turnaround, and low processing fees.

Each Pay Period

Wine Country Payroll is a full-service payroll processing company. Each pay period we provide earnings reports, employee checks or pay stubs, and government remittances.


You receive only the reports you need or want each pay period.

Payment Options

  • Paper Checks
    We provide paper checks with stubs and offer customized options such as having your signature or logo printed on the check.

  • Direct Deposit
    Go paperless and save valuable time with direct deposit. We will provide a pay stub for each employee. If all of your employees are on direct deposit, we can email the reports and stubs directly to you.

  • Stub Only
    If you prefer to write your own checks, we can send you a stub only to give to your employee. We can also email you check/stub format to print directly onto a compatible accounting software pre-printed check.

Tax Payment Service/Government Remittances

We make sure your payroll taxes are calculated accurately. We electronically transmit the funds directly from your payroll account to the respective government agency, relieving you from the burden of compliance. If you would like to control your own tax payments due to cash flow purposes or for whatever reason, we will give you the amounts and due dates of the payments, so that you can transmit them electronically.

Each Quarter and at Year End

  • Payroll Tax Return Filing
    We will prepare and file your employment tax returns, and provide you with a copy for your records.

  • Electronic W-2 Filing
    We will file the W-2's electronically, and provide you with employer and employee copies.

Customized Reports, Tracking & Support

  • New Hire Reports
  • Workers Compensation Payroll Reports
  • Certified Payroll
  • Garnishments
  • Vacation & Sick Leave or PTO
  • 401k
  • Labor Distribution
  • Misc. Voluntary Deductions
  • Export to Quickbooks
  • Audit Support

We offer several reports and tracking options that can be customized. If you don't see it here, just ask!


  • Email
    Submit hours at any time via email.

  • Fax
    We can provide you with an easy to use employee time sheet each pay period.

  • Call in
    You may call in if you have 10 or fewer employees to pay.


  • Email/Paperless
    Clients who have all their employees on direct deposit, or use our stub only service can utilize this service and avoid delivery charges.

  • Pick Up
    No delivery charges

  • U.S. Mail
    1st Class Mail: $3.00
    Priority Mail: $8.00

  • Overnight Express
    Varies depending on a.m./p.m. delivery and location.